Strangulation and Domestic Violence

For those of you looking for continuing education on strangulation, there’s another session coming up, this one a webinar offered by BWJP. It’ll be held on 12 December from 2-3:30pm CT. Dr. Bill Smock will be one of the featured speakers. Registration must happen by 11 December to participate. This will be a good one for multidisciplinary teams, so you may want to forward the webinar details to members of your MDTs and CCRs. Click through for details:

From the site:

Faculty will discuss the findings of medical research from Louisville, KY on strangulation in the context of domestic violence.  Faculty will consider “best practices” in DV strangulation cases for law enforcement, expert witnesses, prosecutors and judges.

Register here.

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Im a survier of stranglation on Jan 24,2016 my husband tryed to kill me he was chocking me an i passed out four time an after the fourth when i rewoke i had peed all over i begged him to let me go change he did the he srarted all over agian when he was stranglin me i could here that he said it was the devil and not him.

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