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Since Last We Spoke 12-8-14

I am racing right now, trying to get everything done, as are many of you, no doubt. I had a great time in New Orleans, and now I’m off to Orlando to spend some quality time with the Army JAGs. I was traveling this weekend, and then trying to organize a bit before this next trip–I’m away from home for 11 days, so laundry. Also, how is it possible the holidays are so close? I’ll be taking the week of Christmas off, so I am trying to get as much done in the few remaining days I have at home as humanly possible. Still had time for a bit of reading, though–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Did anyone see this? The show’s kind of awful in general, so…



I like a bunch of these.

Parking hack–we need this in the DC metro area

This speaks to me in so many ways

Did you see last week’s report?

My favorite part of the holidays

In case you were wondering