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Since Last We Spoke 1-5-15

Happy new year to you all–I hope you had a peaceful and fulfilling holiday season. Mine was hectic (surprise), but I had some quality time with my kid and my wife, so although I wouldn’t say it was relaxing, it was a good couple of weeks. Tomorrow I will fill you in on my big change for 2015, but in the meantime I want to mention what’s caught my attention since last we spoke.

Have you been listening to Serial? I know I’m late to the game, but that worked out for the best since Sasha and I listened to the whole series on our drive to and from Florida over Christmas. If you haven’t I would definitely encourage you to do so–incredibly well-done and I’m a fan of Sarah Koenig’s style. This was the biggest attention-grabber for me during the holidays.

I tried to really stay away from work stuff on my hiatus, and while it wasn’t 100% possible to do so, I did manage to leave my Twitter stream be much of the time. That being said, a few things came through that I wanted to share:

Glad to see some of the sports reporting does justice to this issue

I need to tell you something

Want to get published in an academic journal?

Impact of stress across generations


An excellent question