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Since Last We Spoke 1-12-15

This weekend was not a play weekend. On the contrary, having a new gig, with older work still in the queue means nights and weekends are work time for now. Not complaining–it just is. And also, perhaps, the reason this column may be a bit short this week. Still, I did manage to read a few things since last we spoke that I think are worthy of passing along:

Backlash against African women (such a good read)

We still have so much work to do

What (good) retail can teach medicine

Surprise! (said no one)

The compliment sandwich (don’t do it!)


January is National Stalking Awareness Month and National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

I might need to ask myself the focusing question

Yes to mindfulness

Gorgeous (and painful)

Have you seen Selma yet? (In NYC, 7th-9th graders can see it for free)

And finally, your Monday morning brain bleach