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Articles of Note, January 2015

Apologies for missing December’s edition (along with just about everything else in December), but we’re back with a packed Articles of Note for this month. Some of you probably roll your eyes when I get all geeked out about what’s in the literature, but seriously…there’s some good stuff here (I know–I say this every time). As always, this isn’t an exhaustive list, just what’s caught my attention in the peer-reviewed journals. Take note, there are a few free full-text ones (marked as such).

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2 replies on “Articles of Note, January 2015”

A couple of things–I’m not sure how to access the articles. I use an iPad and when I poke on the link nothing appears. Is it me or the iPad?
Also, is CME credit for physicians ever offered with the webinars or just CE for nurses?


In order to be able to use the active links, you need to be able to look at the Word version of the Articles of Note doc on a laptop–it doesn’t read with active links on an iPad, sadly, and I haven’t found a program that will allow me to make that work for mobile devices in the current platform (I am hopeful that a redesign is in the near future, so that could change soon).

In regards to the CME question, I try and note where CMEs are offered. If you are able to view the left hand nav (which on the mobile version is not always easy), click on the CME link (reached at in case you can’t locate it on the iPad view) and that should bring up all of the posts where CMEs are offered. Also, in case I have forgotten to tag any appropriately, all Tribal Forensic Health offerings have CMEs and CEUs attached:



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