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Since Last We Spoke, 6-15-15

A huge feeling of accomplishment following last week’s course in San Antonio. Now it’s back in the office to follow up on the odds and ends that come with seeing a course taught through for the 1st time, plus I need to play catch up on the accumulation of stuff from essentially 2 weeks out of office, and keep working on the Next Big Thing (oy). It was our first weekend at home with kid for the summer, though (best weekend of the year), so I was pretty well unplugged for most of it. Still, there were a few things that caught my eye (hello, front page of the Sunday WaPo), so here’s what I was checking out since last we spoke:


The path to leadership begins in girlhood (PDF)

1 in 5

Dementia and the risk for abuse on this World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (PDF)

Dallas shooting suspect had a history of domestic violence

Good explanation of a pretty significant Supreme Court decision, and what lies ahead

It hurts my heart extra when it’s the healthcare system that fails

Go ahead and say no

“We’re not getting out by Christmas; deal with it!” (This speaks to me on so many levels)

Interesting data on the HPV vaccine

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all (but I wonder if I could do this with my huskie?)

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Dr. Markowitz,
It was great meeting you last week and being a part of a collaborative effort that many of us have been wanting for years. Your contribution to this tri-service initiative will be the key to its success! I personally appreciate your feedback on my CV (OBTW, I went to my room and changed my format that night), and your candid input on specific questions I had.
Many times these events serve as a venue to re-ignite our passion for what we do; for me this particular training forced me to look at what I am currently doing in a different way. I thank you for that!
LCDR Alana Huber

LCDR Huber,

It was wonderful to spend time with you and your Navy colleagues last week. I look forward to continuing to learn from you all in this on-going collaboration.Thanks for all of the kind words; I hope our paths will cross again soon.


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