Understanding How Faith Can Play a Role in Intimate Partner Violence

Faith is an important issue for a lot of our patients, so I thought this was an interesting webinar coming up at the end of the month. Power and Control: Understanding How Faith Can Play a Role in Intimate Partner Violence, is being offered by the FaithTrust Institute on September 30th from 11-12pm PT. Click through for details about the session:

This is one of those that might be good to share with your multidisciplinary team–particularly if yours includes faith-based organizations and the faith community as ours did. But even if it doesn’t, what a fascinating way to spend an hour of your time. We work with patients who may be challenged in balancing their religious views with the violence they’re experiencing; or conversely, may be looking to religion for solace, but feel abandoned by their particular faith community, which may reinforce harmful stereotypes. Perhaps some useful strategies here, or at least ways to frame conversations with patients around the issue of faith.

From the website:

The Power and Control Wheel is one of the foundational teaching tools for discussing domestic violence. However, the issue of faith and faith communities, so central to the lives of many survivors, was never included. Rev. Marie Fortune addresses this oversight and discusses how faith and spiritual teachings can support violence or overcome it.