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Worthwhile Read: Intimate Partner Violence and Family Planning

I’m taking the holiday off (it’s Labor Day in the US), so no Since Last We Spoke this week. Instead I leave you with a new publication from the Population Reference Bureau, Intimate Partner Violence and Family Planning: Opportunities for Action (PDF). This is one of those publications that’s as rich for its references as its text (many of them should be available free full-text), so follow the endnotes and see where those take you. Click through for a summary of the publication:

From the site:

Intimate partner violence (IPV)—physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former partner—is an issue that women in all regions and all countries experience. Globally, approximately one in three women who have ever been in a relationship have experienced IPV. Women face a greater risk of violence from an intimate partner than from anyone else. This brief presents data to help policymakers and others understand the nature and extent of the harm caused by IPV, especially as it relates to women’s reproductive health, family planning, and autonomy, and highlights opportunities for action. Policymakers can combat IPV and its consequences by promoting integrated policies and dedicating financial resources to support systems, programs, and services to address the intersection of IPV, health, and women’s empowerment.