Building a Trauma-Informed Nation: Moving the Conversation into Action

The Federal Partners Committee on Women and Trauma is hosting a two-day national event, Building a Trauma Informed Nation: Moving the Conversation into Action on September 29th and 30th. While the event will take place live in Washington DC (at the US Department of Labor’s Cesar Chavez Auditorium if you are interested in attending), it will also be broadcast via webcast and be offered virtually via amplifier sites around the country. Click through for details, including some of the impressive speakers in the lineup:

From the email announcement:

This meeting will focus on trauma-informed approaches in four major areas — education, health care, the justice system, and communities and congregations — to highlight effective collaborations, workplace issues, promising practices and programs at the state and local levels. Participants will be able to engage in strategic action planning in their local area and agencies during interactive working sessions.

The agenda has not been released, but the speaker lineup has. It includes, among others, Dr. Rebecca Campbell and Dr. Gary Slutkin (Cure Violence). Give it a once over and you’ll see it’s a diverse and fascinating group, so figure out if there are keynote or panel presentations that pique your interest and drop in for those, or if you have the luxury of time, immerse yourself in the whole megillah. And if you’re looking to be able to share the experience with other like-minded individuals in examining how this impacts the work you’re doing at the local level, there are amplifier sites where people are viewing portions of the program en masse and then participating in facilitated dialog–you can find a list of those sites here (they’re updated regularly, so keep checking back if you don’t see one near you; if you want to become an amplifier site you can register your organization here).

This is a great opportunity for MDTs, SARTs, etc., so I encourage you to share the information widely. Registration is required to attend.

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Jenifer- Thank you for this! Colorado Springs is officially an amplifier site and we already have 16 people signed up.


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