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Since Last We Spoke, 9-21-15

You may have noticed I took some time away from the site last week. I don’t usually disappear like that, but looming deadlines coupled with some time away to celebrate my dad’s accomplishments in the 216 meant that this site got a bit neglected. Frankly I needed the space, so it was good to have it. But now I’m back in the office, refreshed and ready to face the week. It includes the holiest day in my year; an interesting talk Wednesday morning here in town (I’ll be speaking about social media use); and the march toward wrapping up my time with the Army. Hard to believe this year is coming to an end (and how much work we’ve accomplished–if you’re curious we’ll be presenting about it in Orlando). In the meantime, I spent most of my weekend pretty unplugged, although I managed to get a bit of reading done. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Solidarity from NSVRC in the wake of the stupidity from The View

The boyfriend loophole is deadly

A different take on trigger warnings

I posted this before, but it’s worth putting up again: how not to say the wrong thing

In the face of the ridiculousness re: defunding PP, all that’s left is rage and satire

Speaking of which, again I say, science, people. Also, our patients need this resource.

This is a long read, but so, so good.

1 in 4

What it looks like when you get tasered

More on the controversy surrounding so-called pink viagra

Different case, but the facts are sadly similar to so many that came before it.

I’m going to have to start upping my out-of-office reply game