DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 10-12-15

This weekend was all about the Army 10-Miler. Prepping for, running and then recovering from the race (which truthfully looked a whole lot like eating everything we could get our hands on for a 12-hour period). It was a great run (always inspiring), we shaved 10 minutes off our last race time, and while I feel every one of my 40+ years in these knees and achilles, I am still upright and willing to do it again next year, so that’s something. Bonus for having our dear friend in town to cheer us on, having just finished a prolonged bout of chemo. It made the weekend extra special. I stayed away from the interwebs by and large, which is why this list is shorter than normal; but here’s what did catch my eye since last we spoke:

More on the problematic Safe Campus Act

8 habits of people who have great ideas

“There was something wrong with how state labs were analyzing DNA evidence”

We already know this about strangulation, but good to see it in mainstream media

Those off the cuff conversation bombs our teens drop on us (and how to handle them)

I’m definitely down with this protest (NSFW)

And finally, apropos of absolutely nothing very little: do any of you watch the Great British Baking Show? Because this may be my new answer to how I stave off secondary trauma. It is by far the most civilized aspect of my week. If you aren’t familiar with it, I recommend tuning in (we stream it in our house via Apple TV on PBS); it’s marvelous and continuously renews my faith in humanity. For real. We’re currently catching Season 2 here in the US.