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Sexually Transmitted Infections in Suspected Child Sexual Abuse

A reader asked for options for educational¬†offerings on sexually transmitted infections in suspected child sexual abuse cases. You’re in luck–I have a couple. One is an archived webinar from the Tribal Forensic Healthcare project, and it has CEU/CMEs available (expires 3/16/16). The National Children’s Advocacy Center also has an archived webinar; no continuing education credits appear to be available for this one, but it may be more suitable for a multidisciplinary audience if that’s your need. And as a companion, you’ll find the most current CDC treatment guidelines for children here.

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Definitely the 2015 CDC Treatment Guidelines-there is a section on CSA and STIs. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children is a resource if you are a member. There is also a child abuse list serve that always has up to the moment resources reviewed by a child abuse expert. Pediatrics is the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is a good source as is their policy statements. The need to be current. Unfortunately the USDOJ’s STDs and CSA is way outdated (2002). I would be careful about using it. I like Kaplan, R. (2011). The medical response to child sexual abuse: An historical overview. In Kaplan, R., Adams, J. A. . Starling, S . P. & Giardino, A. P., (Eds. ), Medical response to child sexual abuse: A resource for professionals working with children and families. St. Louis: STM Learning, Inc. I am hoping they update it.
The issue with CSA and STIs is perinatal transmission. The state of the science has changed. We know some STIs do not make an immediate appearance and the time between the delivery and appearance of symptoms is different now than in the early 2000s. The methods of testing also differs. Utilize the board certified child abuse pediatrician closest to you. They are excellent references. An up to date research article should have a list of fairly UTD references.

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