Sexual Assault

Online Pediatric (and Adult) SANE Training

I generally limit educational opportunities on FHO to free and low-cost offerings. This post isn’t going to meet that criteria. However, enough of you regularly email me asking about SANE training opportunities–both adult and pediatric–that I am pleased to be able to share that IAFN now has both adult/adolescent and the brand new pediatric SANE online courses available.

They’re not particularly expensive for what they are, so I encourage you to look at these as very viable options for getting new staff members educated if you are trying to fill positions (or if you want to expand your skill set to peds). It’s worth noting that there is also the option of attending live clinical skills training for those who are concerned about opportunities for hands-on learning. Have questions about whether an online course can really provide the quality of education you’re looking for? You can see the results of the evaluation of the adult course here (PDF), or the corresponding article in the Journal of Forensic Nursing here (abstract only).

{Obviously it goes without saying that the courses meet the criteria for SANE-A and SANE-P eligibility…}