What Paramedics Need To Know About Strangulation

While strangulation offerings aren’t new to FHO, ones geared toward paramedics certainly are. The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention has one coming up November 23rd at 1pm ET, though, so it’s a great opportunity to share with colleagues in your communities.  Click through for the details:

From the email announcement:

Strangulation is not always fatal, however, it does produce medical signs and symptoms for survivors, and the non-fatal assaults are very typical of domestic violence. Paramedics are often times the first responders on the scene of a domestic violence call. Thus, it is imperative that paramedics receive training to assist them in recognizing the signs and symptoms of strangulation that are often times minimized or overlooked. Many prosecutors are using paramedics’ reports to aid them in seeking the maximum punishments for the perpetrators. This webinar aims to train paramedics to recognize the signs and symptoms of fatal and non-fatal strangulation cases and document the injuries in a way that can be helpful to prosecutors.

Register here.