Sexual Assault

Raped or Seduced? How Language Helps Shape Our Response to Sexual Violence

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One of the most popular speakers at the last several¬†IAFN conferences (and at others, as well) has been the very fabulous Claudia Bayliff. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear her present on the topic of language and sexual violence, you’re in luck: Legal Momentum is hosting a webinar, Raped or Seduced? How Language Helps Shape Our Response To Sexual Violence. It will be held December 10th from 3-4:30 pm ET. Click through for details:

From the site:

“Language can never be neutral; it creates versions of reality.” Yet when we discuss sexual assault, we constantly use the language of consensual sex to describe assaultive acts. This language often implies consent and romance, rather than criminal acts. In addition, we describe violence against women in passive terms, allowing the perpetrators of this violence to remain invisible and unaccountable. We also use language that objectifies or blames sexual assault victims.

This interactive webinar will explore the language of sexual assault: how we talk about and write about this crime. We will discuss specific examples of the language we use and explore how to discuss sexual assault in a way that more accurately depicts the crime.

Note: this session will be capped at 500, and registration ends on December 8th at 5pm ET.