A Winter Giveaway!

I’m so excited to be able to offer up a new giveaway here at FHO. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one, and I’m particularly excited about this because it’s newly on the market. Click through for all the details!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.40.43 PMThe lovely folks at Wolters Kluwer Health have given me a copy of the new Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing to give away to one FHO reader. This text was published in October, so it’s a great, new addition to your forensic healthcare library. To be eligible, just tell me (in the Comments section below) about one thing you plan to do to elevate the quality of your practice or your team’s practice in the coming year (whether it’s invest in more continuing education, send staff to conferences, take time out for a retreat to refresh and renew–whatever you think will make your practice or your team’s practice even better in 2016). I will choose a winner at random; entries must be in by 12pm ET on Friday 11 December. I will ship anywhere in the world, so readers from around the globe are encouraged to enter.

I look forward to reading your entries. Thanks to Wolters Kluwer Health for the early holiday gift!



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Hi Jen,

As I’ve recently left the employment of the University hospital in which I’ve worked as coordinator for years- there is no longer a SANE training program in the heart of NC. Myself and 2- other SANE’s plan to start offering SANE training and to also be a possible clinical site for those receiving training on-line. I/we would love a copy of the new Core Curriculum!

In the coming year, I will READ, READ, READ… Then I will share the evidence-based knowledge I have learned with my multidisciplinary team!

I am the Coordinator for the SANE program at the hospital. Over the next year I would like to continue the education of the current nurses. More importantly we would like to expand our services to all populations of Forensic Nursing. We have support of our local community, and would like to provide education and culture change not just in our hospital organization but in the community as well. This book would help in providing some of this education.

I just got hired in November as a SAFE/SART Coordinator. This is a huge endeavor as we are starting from ground zero. We will be bringing staff,consisting of novice forensic nurses. Having this resource would be an invaluable part of training here in Louisiana & keeping our standard of care at a national level. We are excited to have the support of our community & having this resource would be as we say, ‘lagniappe’.

We have invested in our staff and ourselves by making out meeting productive and unwinding with eachother after. Feeling supported by your team is essential. We have continued an effort to invest in educating our nurses with conferences and case reviews. Our small hospital might not see many pts but when they present we want to feel confident and knowledgable.

I am planning to utilize OVCTTAC professional scholarship $ to attend strangulation training in San Diego. I am also making a more deliberate and conscious integration of assessing for SA/DV in my health assessment course that I teach at the baccalaureate level in Kansas.

My goal for 2016 is to provide more training for my staff, especially in other forensic areas such as strangulation, elder abuse, IPV and gunshot wounds. I want to bring their knowledge base to the next level!

In light of keeping our forensic department sustainable, growing with new programs and active in the community, we have had to be more business-focused than ever before. I would like to bring nursing back to forensic nursing by reviewing a chapter or segment of the book at each monthly staff meeting. This would stimulate discussion and review of best practice.

Lots going on in this next year. Starting my masters degree program, teaching strangulation training around the state, facilitating staff to do training around our community. Hosting the IHS/IAFN DV training for my staff and others in the state. Continuing to mentor and train other forensic nurses.

I am a nurse from South Australia and it has already been a huge year I have developed a forensic nursing program for nurses to conduct forensic sexual assault examinations – this is a great achievement (we are so far behind the USA) as it has only every been Doctors doing this kind of work – Its taken me years of hard work to get this far. I now have 13 trained nurses in metro and rural SA. So next year it is about ongoing training/ upskilling/ evaulating and coming together as a group – we still have to prove our worth!! The more resources I have the better. I am also starting my nurse practitioner training – so many challenges ahead.

Many small hospitals today are struggling financially, as is ours. We are in the process of being purchased or “acquired” by another facility. My goal for the coming year is to be sure we are still around the following year! I am putting together program information, statistics, patient care services, etc., and will be ready to plead my case if and when the need arises so that we can continue the to provide our great care to men, women and children reporting sexual assault.

I try to have resources available for other staff and me on those 3 am calls and this is a great book to have.

Our facility is striving to become a Forensic Nursing Center of Excellence in our State. In addition to building a team of trained adult and pediatric forensic nurses, we are also building our resources, to include organizations like your own, mentors, community partners and all the scholarly literature we can get our hands on! We are passionate about our program and hope to expand it beyond SANE to care for human trafficking and violent trauma victims which we unfortunately are all too familiar with in our city. This text would be a wonderful resource for the latest evidence based practice and clinical practice guidelines encompassing all the domains of our forensic care. Thank you!!

I am relatively new to Forensic Nursing. I’ve made a personal commitment to increase my knowledge base so that I can better serve patients, as well as prepare myself for likely appearances in court. This book would be very helpful in that regard. After reading it, I would donate it to my own Forensic Nursing dept so that all the nurses could benefit. Thanks much!

I work in a federal facility, which currently is focusing on sexual assault exams. I am working to expand the capabilities and services offered to include domestic violence and patients of other violent crimes. This text would be a great addition to the growing library of references as well as a training aid which will be used to increase the knowledge base of the examiners.

I am working on building a strong reference library. I am not always able to attend the yearly conference and I refer to the reference books frequently. I do plan on attending the IAFN conference next year.

My goal for 2016 is to expand the strangulation training I have been doing in my county to other counties in the state, to expand the training to include EMS and to encourage more multidisciplinary teams to attend the strangulation training in San Diego.

For the first time, our program will have a full time manager for Forensics only and we are excited about the possibility of expanding our program to care for all victims of violence and to become more active in driving primary care in our community.
Northern Kentucky

After being inspired by presenters at several conferences, I am looking into how we might expand our existing SANE program to serve victims of strangulation and/or domestic violence victims in our community.

I am working to improve SANE program evaluation in Illinois. I plan to reach out to coordinators across the state and host a lunch and learn. I will be presenting critical factors of evaluation that include: patient feedback, crime lab, tracking criminal justice outcomes, follow up care, and peer and chart review. I plan on providing each participant with current tools available to assist them in the process.

Hi Jen: Our SATC team have monthly meetings to keep our staff informed and up to date with current forensic practices. We discuss our cases , what we did well, what could we have done better. Core Curriculum of Forensic Nursing will be a great reference and educational tool to assist us all.Thanks

I wear several different hats in the forensic arena. I own my own consulting business where I travel all over to teach forensic nursing. I teach the adult/adolescent/pediatric course. I am on a local SAFE team that is contracted through our rape crisis center. We have absolutely zero dollars for training or books or anything else. And third, I work at our local children’s advocacy center. I am the sole medical provider at the center. Our plans are to hire and train more nurses. This book would go to great use for all 3 places!

Hi. We are responding to the Heroin Epidemic in our area. It has built up quickly and has become one of the worst in the country. As a result we have had large spikes in human trafficking, sexual assault Pedi/Adolescent/Adult, crimes such as shootings, assaults, stabbings, human trafficking, and a myriad of other issues that are associated with a growing heroin market. We, as a community hospital, and with the support of our most senior leadership, have decided to answer the call. In collaboration with our local law enforcement, Homeland Security, ICAC, CAC and pretty much every other social service in our area, we are working to become a hospital with forensic acces and then some.
We are responding to this by increasing our SANE nurses and working toward creating and maintaining a Forensic Unit. Our long term goal is to create a Forensic “center of excellence” or more simply put to be a regional and state resource for Forensic nursing.
As this is occuring quickly we have little funding. Our budget cycle is July to July. Since August we have added 7 newly trained SANE nurses, are building components to bring in per diem SANE nurses, and reaching out to the community for services and process to help. We need all the help we can get.

We have reached out to the IAFN to inquire about a discount for membership, we have reached out to our state reps for resources on policy, job descriptions, billing processes and anything else we can get. The staff who are reaching out to work in this area are passionate and hungry for resources. This book would be a great addition to have in our SANE program and for us to utilize in our monthly SANE meetings. As our nurses look to increase their forensic knowledge, this will help me to support them. Please consider us for this incredible gift of knowledge in an area that requires all the help it can get.

I would love to add this to our reference library. I have 7 SANE nurses and we all work very hard to stay current and intelligent about forensic nursing.

We are working on sending more nurses to conferences, Hopefully at least 2 to IAFN in the fall. Increasing our social time, we are a mostly PRN group, so our need to know each other is an issue. and We too, are working on getting the screening piece in place here.

Currently we have not SANE-A or SANE-P certified nurses in the area I work and serve (Nome, AK) I am working towards my SANE-A and have recently been hired as a program coordinator. I would like to establish resources to use to ensure we are using best practice, and to also use as a resource for other nurses who may be considering walking the forensic path.

This book would be wonderful to have for our growing forensic program. We are currently in the process of training new nurses and a resource like this would definitely benefit our team. We plan on sending each of our forensic nurses to at least 1 conference each this year, as well as working toward certification for each nurse. Thanks for the opportunity!

Back in 1997 I completed the first official SANE program in NH. Not knowing what I was about to get myself into I find myself still practicing 18 years later. It’s not alway been easy but today the hospital that I work for is now striving to become a facility of excellence for Southern New Hampshire. To do that we will have to have as many resources as possible, this book will enable our new and old SANE nurses to have up to date, evidence based practice guidelines and resources that are held in this book.
Thank you for considering all of these dedicated SANE nurses.

This would be such a great asset to our program. I am always looking for great material to review and share with our regional forensic team!!

We do all our own training in house and we just had our first refresher training day in October. In 2016 in addition to a refresher class I would also like to offer a skills refresher twice a year. Having the new curriculum would be a great asset!

We plan to continue and also expand our community outreach program. Educating the public and letting them know we are here for them should they need us, and how to connect and contact us and other resources that are available.

Hi. We are expanding the number of Forensic Nurses in our group. Our hope and plan is to have everyone certified in adults and peds. This book will give invaluable information for us to complete this goal. We are also educating our ED staff and community resources that we are more than SANE’s, and can offer more in Forensics. Thank you!!

This book would be a fantastic learning tool. One of my main roles in my organisation is training, so it would be great to be able to have resources for my team members to be able to access.


This book would be an excellent resource for the Hospital I currently work at. We currently have a few SANE trained nurses and are building our team; we are currently orienting six additional nurses to be SANE trained in both pediatric and adult care. As one of the new SANE nurses, I personally feel this would be an exceptional resource for both new and current SANE nurses. Our facility is looking to become a leader of providing exceptional and compassionate care to our sexual assault and trauma victims. This book would enhance our knowledge and be a wonderful asset as it would be a great educational resource.
Thank you for your time,

I have been a practicing SANE nurse for the past 6 months or so in both the Adult and Pediatric populations. My passion for taking care of this population of patients has grown exponetionally since I have started. I am going to Colorado Springs this coming March to precept in their 24 hour SANE program with the hope of bringing back knowledge and experience to our growing program. A textbook that not only educates our SANE nurses but helps them grow would be a huge asset to our growing program!
Thank you,

I work at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama in the CHIPS Center where we see non-acute sexual assault. I also see acute peds as well as adult sexual assault victims. Our Alabama Chapter of the IAFN train other SANE’s across our state and I believe your educational resource would be a benefit to our trainings.

Thanks, Vikki

We operate outbof a non-profit agency and money is tight. Anything I can get to expand knowledge, increase confidence, broaden scope would be beneficial, not only professionally but on a personal level. Having this resource would help us tremendously in accomplishing these goals.

We are a small rural hospital on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, we cover three campuses 24/7 with 5 SANE’s (and 7 training), I am looking to educate all SANE’s including those training, plus staff from emergency room and maternity on human trafficking and what to look for in a patient who may be a victim of trafficking. Also looking to do a 8 hour training day in the spring for LE’s, state’s attorney’s, medical, advocates and other members of our SART’s in all counties on Neurobiology of trauma, human trafficking, services available(since there is such a huge turnover), college sexual assault(as one of our hospital’s is directly across the street from a college) etc. Hoping for networking, education and team building.. This book would be very valuable to us… I go to at least one training a year(mostly paid for by myself) to keep myself educated and up to date. I just taught my first FNE-A course and plan to also teach a pediatric course next year.
Thank you,

First of all, thank you for having this drawing! What a fantastic giveaway! I am a SANE nurse, not the director of the program. But I myself and am going to increase my continuing education, including online webinars/conferences/modules, and attending the bi-monthly Child Maltreatment meetings that our county hosts, as well as the quarterly SART meetings. I have also worked with our coordinator to start presenting to the pediatric residents in our hospital on kit collection and the role of the SANE (if practicing in a system with access to SANEs). We plan to continue this presentation annually. We already present to the obstetric residents annually. I want to sit for my SANE-A and SANE-P certification exams so this book would be of great benefit. Thank you! -Leah

Thanks for your wonderful website! I reference it many times weekly. I run the adult and adolescent SANE program in New Orleans. I am a huge supporter of continuing education for all SANEs with my program. I plan to start offering hosted webinars on a regular basis. I am encouraging everyone to consider SANE-A certification. And I would like to increase the number of SANEs who will attend a conference this year. Also, I always open my new SANE trainings to my experienced SANEs and encourage attendance as a refresher.

We have a bunch of new nurses and would love to have the most up-to-date forensic resource available for them. But mostly because I am a ‘learning junky’ and would just LOVE to get my hands on a copy!

We are looking at curriculums to initiate SANE programs. Therefore,this is both a timely and an exciting opportunity to assure we are in line with evidence based and informed practice:)
Thank you for the opporutnity and earl Christmas gift:)

I am a member of the Wisconsin Department of Justice SANE Faculty. We provide 2 Adult/Adolescent and 2 Pediatric SANE Trainings / year. We are currently in the process of revising our curriculum so having this book would be very, very helpful. I also assist the Rural Wisconsin Healthcare Cooperative in providing 2 SANE Refreshers / year.

I plan to fiercely recruit more SANEs, become more involved in other community organizations and bring my fellow SANES with me for the purpose of education the public on sexual and domestic violence.

My focus currently is providing richer mentoring for nurses newer in the field whether it is inviting them to present with me, working with them on a research project, their dissertation, or just advising in any capacity.

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