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Since Last We Spoke, 1-4-16

Happy new year, and welcome back! I trust everyone was able to get a bit of down time over the holidays. I managed to, as well, although not nearly as much as I needed. Like many of you, my holidays were filled with family and food, and some serious sloth (it rained for several days during the week of Christmas, so we were pretty housebound in the North Caroline mountains). Back at it in earnest today, with plenty of interesting fodder from my social media streams. Here’s what’s caught my attention since last we spoke:

Keep things simple

The UK institutes new DV laws

Should we do away with the statute of limitations on sexual assault?

The best of health care journalism (2015)

Talking about death at dinner

A new Chrome extension just might be the thing

Women in California and Oregon have something to celebrate

What makes successful communication?

Here’s why paid sick leave

Several of you posted this fascinating photo series on consent

Likewise this article on strangulation (in the New Yorker, no less!)

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