Happy Holidays! (Time for a Break…)

Today is my final day working with Army MEDCOM. It’s been a pretty terrific year overall, and a true privilege to work with all the professionals (across the services) who helped make my time here a success. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more productive year, but I am more than ready to resume my regular consulting practice, and frankly, to get back out on the road (and back in the courtroom a bit, which I’ve really missed). I’ll be taking some time off from FHO–I wish I could say it was for vacation, but a looming deadline for another project at the beginning of the new year will have me working through the holidays. However, things will be quiet here; we’ll resume regular posts January 4th with a new Articles of Note, fresh educational offerings and our 7th (!) anniversary celebration. And my wish for all of you: a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season; a low patient census; and time filled with the people who refill your cup (literally and figuratively). Thanks for reading, for visiting this nerdy little site, and for the care you provide to the most vulnerable among us (or the support you provide those who do this work, for our non-clinician readers). See you back here in 2016.



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