Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke, 2-1-16

How nice to have a week at home before I hit the travel pretty hard. After a lovely (albeit brief) visit with my kid, I am looking at a week of hard core writing and editing before I depart for Fairbanks, AK next weekend. Not much downtime here. But sitting around the airport I had the opportunity to check out my various social media sites; here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

More studies to demonstrate what nurses have always known

Building a home for sex-trafficked boys

Related (and in my former backyard)

Good for her

Support for victims of online harassment 

The lengths some must go to…

Since today kicks things off in earnest, a guide.

Interesting (especially as a parent of a teen)

I can see the upside for sure

Having worked for many non-profits in my time, this made me chuckle

Can’t remember if I’ve already posted this, but ICYMI, totally worthwhile read on this topic

As someone who sucks at small talk, I totally get this

A perfect graphic for inspiration this dreary Monday morning

I’m really interested in seeing this (also, this, which had a big win this weekend at the SAG Awards)

We just need more coordination, as it turns out

A medical approach to prosecuting sexual violence in conflict

Oh StoryCorps, you make me feel all the feelings: