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End Abuse of People With Disabilities (Webinar Series)

The Vera Institute’s Center on Victimization and Safety is hosting a webinar series, End Abuse of People With Disabilities. The first webinar is People First: Practicing Accessibility One Contact at a Time. It will be held February 16th from 2-3:30pm ET. Click through for information about the session and the other ones in the series:

From the site:

Since the American’s with Disabilities Act was passed there have been some gains in understanding of what it means to be accessible. We see parking spaces, power doors, and other features that facilitate physical access. What we often overlook is that access is also about interpersonal contact. In this first webinar in the 2016 End Abuse of People with Disabilities Webinar Series, Mark Sweet of Disability Rights Wisconsin will discuss how we can practice being accessible one contact at a time.

Participants in this webinar will learn about the importance of considering each persons unique Point of View (POV) and how differences in POV’s might lead to confusing or difficult encounters. Just think, what happens when someone answers a phone or meets face to face? What happens when one person’s POV does not exactly meet with another persons POV? How can these missed opportunities lead to someone in need or at risk hanging up the phone or walking away? Understanding more about trauma, power, and the culture of support and services for people with disabilities can lead to more positive engagements that can result in people feeling safe and respected. Please join us in thinking about how we can act with intention in order to support each other and those individuals we serve.

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Webinar #2 will be Spotlight on Communities of Promise. It will be held March 15th from 2-3:30pm ET.

Webinar #3 will be Exploring the Intersection of Violence and Disability in “Indian Country”: A Panel Discussion. It will be held April 1th from 2-3:30pm ET.

Registration for each of these will open 30 days before the event; check back here for links.