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Since Last We Spoke, 3-21-16

I will be heading on vacation soon, so this week is all about tying up loose ends so I can go away without the weight of not-yet-completed work looking over my shoulder. EVAWI is in town this week, so many of you will be here in DC; while multiple scheduling conflicts prohibit me from attending, I’m going to stop over tomorrow to catch up with some folks. Perhaps I will run into you there:) Sasha just got back in town; she and I hadn’t had a weekend together in a month, so it was a pretty chill couple of days in our house. Much cooking and feeding of people, my favorite way to spend down time. I caught up on my social media feeds in the evening when jet lag was hitting my spouse hard; here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Limiting opioid prescriptions

This is a great op-ed (and also baffling for the mother of a teen)


One of my favorite women’s health news sites has a new name

Alternative therapy?

Should you get paid for your DNA?

So much work to do

Cities with most dangerous transportation systems for women

Apparently this has to be legislated

Decriminalizing sex work

Nope. I want the real thing.