Child Abuse

Sentinel Injuries in Child Physical Abuse

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center has a webinar coming up: Sentinel Injuries in Child Physical Abuse. I know this is late notice, as the session is being held March 24th at 1pm CT, however, it will be archived, as all of their webinars are. CMEs are available (but not, apparently, CEUs). Click through for details:

From the site:

An apparently minor injury in an infant such as a single bruise should raise a concern about abuse unless the injury is well-explained and expected. Multiple published research studies have illustrated that failure to accurately identify small abusive injuries when they first occur can have devastating consequences for the infant and family including escalation of the violence to the point of serious injury or even death. In fact, in a published research study, almost one-third of abused infants evaluated by a child protection team had a prior history of sentinel injury; these injuries were notably absent in non-abused infants. There are challenges in accurately identifying a bruise versus other skin marks that can be mistaken for bruising. This training will assist law enforcement professionals, home visitors, social workers, parents and daycare workers to recognize and appropriately respond to sentinel injuries in young infants. This educational session is designed for non-medical professionals and medical professionals to improve the accurate identification of bruises and other injuries from abuse as well as mimics in young infants.

Presenter: Lynn K. Sheets, MD, FAAP