Social Media and Privacy Issues for Multidisciplinary Team Members

Social media use is always one of my favorite topics, so I love that there is an upcoming webinar on the topic: Social Media and Privacy Issues for Multidisciplinary Team Members. The session is being held on January 18th at 2pm ET, and is hosted by the National Criminal Justice Training Center. The description sounds a tad unfocused, but my guess is there will be some good discussion along the way, so probably worth attending, especially if you are a program manager:

With the ever increasing use of social media, it is important to understand the issues related to disclosures of online postings during criminal proceedings and how it relates to employment. Learn about the dangers involving blurred lines between personal and professional use of social media, how to avoid professional embarrassment, discipline issues, and personal or family dangers because of online posts. Gather resources to assist in the development of agency policies for private and professional use, along with social media privacy tips.

Register here.