We’re 8! (Happy Anniversary FHO!)


Friday was FHO’s 8th anniversary–hard to believe it, but here we are. Want to know what was of most interest to readers in the past year (exempting the About page, the Clinical Guide landing page, and Conference Handouts, which always get a lot of traffic)? No surprise–a lot of it was geared toward testimony. In order of page views:

Creating a fee schedule for expert consultation and testimony

Clinical guide: Determining the age of bruises

Clinical guide: Court testimony

Clinical guide: Toluidine blue dye

Testifying for the first time

So what’s ahead for FHO as we enter our 9th year? Well for starters, a monograph on court testimony that will be coming soon. More reader-focused posts that address the realities of practice. Updates to several of the clinical guides, and a couple of new ones (I am always happy to create one if there are any requests). And of course, a continued commitment to publicizing current educational opportunities, peer-reviewed literature and other resources that make us all better at what we do. Thanks to all of you who visit FHO, especially the more than 1,000 subscribers who read us every day from the comfort of their inboxes. I look forward to seeing what this new year brings.


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