Sexual Assault

SOAR Human Trafficking Training for Healthcare Providers

The US Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Trafficking in Persons has been offering their SOAR to Health and Wellness training to clinicians, social workers and public health professionals, and the next healthcare provider session will be on March 9th.

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Contrary to the rather nonspecific name, this training specifically [E]quips professionals with skills to identify, treat, and respond appropriately to potential victims and survivors of human trafficking.

By applying a public health approach, SOAR seeks to build the capacity of communities to identify and respond to the complex needs of victims and survivors of human trafficking and understand the root causes that make individuals, families, and communities vulnerable to trafficking.

After attending SOAR training, you will be able to:

  • Stop – Describe the scope of human trafficking in the United States
  • Observe – Recognize the verbal and non-verbal indicators of human trafficking
  • Ask – Identify and interact with victims and survivors of human trafficking using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach
  • Respond – Respond effectively to potential human trafficking in your community by identifying needs and available resources to provide critical support and assistance

The sessions are held online and in person, but to my knowledge tey are not archived, so if you want the training it must be done on the date offered. Registration is not yet available, but keep checking back for the link.