Since Last We Spoke, 1-30-17

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the advanced topics for testimony–I received a lot of interesting suggestions and general feedback, so I think I have a good idea of where I’m headed with it. Also, does anyone else feel like this past week was a month long? Much unrest here in the capital and elsewhere (it’s amazing and I feel incredibly proud, but oh, Quebec City, my heart is breaking with last night’s news). I’m treading water trying to keep up, stay on top of what impacts me personally and professionally, and sift through the innuendo and untruths for what is actual factual information (not that that necessarily counts for much right now). So here’s what has caught my eye since last we spoke:

I hope folks caught the announcement of this amazing opportunity (more tomorrow, btw)

President Trump, meet my family

NYT is not equivocating

One thing I can do as a citizen is allocate my dollars ethically, like so

Also here and here

A practical guide for taking action, from former congressional staffers

Nice girls vs kind women

The voice in your child’s head

You cannot turn patients away


Mansplaining is the funniest thing in my life right now

This was the best thing I saw/heard last week:

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Thank you so much Jen, for your thoughtful words – Canada is not used to this type of event (certainly not on a regular basis) and we are having some difficulty processing what is against our national identity.
I am in agreement that we are losing a bit of perspective within all of the recent noise that has been created – the issue becomes what is really happening in the background, and what are we not paying attention to.
As an aside; I’m hoping that folks are wise enough to realize that the current administration using the Quebec tragedy as current support of their recent legislation is completely false as this was executed against Muslims, not BY Muslims, which renders their argument mute.

Liz, I felt ill as I heard the administration trying to use this act of terror as justification for the EO here. Man, we can be so much better than this. It’s disheartening. The silver lining is the level of activism which has sprung up in even unexpected corners. It’s what’s giving me hope right now. Love to you and all of our colleagues and friends to the north.

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