A Note About Sending Questions or Requests

I love receiving questions and requests from FHO readers via my Contact page, and I am more than happy to answer. However, if you want me to respond, it has to include more than just a subject (e.g. “sexual assault injury” or “child abuse statistics”). I won’t respond to requests like that (one, it’s an enormous topic area, and two, it helps to know the specifics of what you need and how it’ll be used so I can tailor appropriately).

Additionally, as I think most people know, FHO is my hobby, not my job. So if you send me a request that has multiple parts, and much of it can be found on this site, I will most likely refer you back here first, and then if you can’t find what you’re looking for, assist from there. Again, this is for the sake of expediency. As you might guess, I receive a lot of requests and questions every week, so I need to be as efficient as possible in answering. This isn’t me complaining (FHO readers have always been shy in posting comments, so most of what I hear from you all is via email), but it is about making sure I am both responsive to FHO readers while also managing my hectic schedule.

Finally, if you want me to contact you for some reason, you will need to be pretty specific. Generally speaking, I don’t respond to blind requests for calls and emails.

Thanks and have a lovely weekend {I plan on it–I’ll be home in DC puttering in my garden 🙂 }

2 replies on “A Note About Sending Questions or Requests”

I am always impressed by how quickly and competently you respond to the multitude of questions I’ve sent through the years. When you run a SANE program in a state where there are only a few other programs to use for guidance (and we’re all pretty spread apart geographically), it’s priceless to have a mentor like you available. It takes a pretty incredible person to turn a hobby into something that literally changes lives for countless survivors and forensic nurses all over the globe. Enjoy your gardening this weekend. Although it can’t be said enough, thank you!!!

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