Since Last We Spoke, 4-24-17

Happy Monday, all (or as we like to refer to it in my house, Happy 1st Full Week at Home Since Mid-February). The trial I had in the great north went away, so here I am, in my pajamas, eating breakfast not from a sad hotel buffet. It’s glorious. It’s going to be an odds and ends kind of week here–still so much writing to get done, and sadly, a million other things to distract me. Like the interwebs–let’s see what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

I did not make it to the science march, did you?

Related (I heart Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Great op-ed

Why are men terrible at apologizing?

Guns in abusive relationships–a problem even when they’re not fired

(Full-text of the aforementioned study)

FGM, here in the US


Shuffling offenders from one gig to the next (have you been tracking this story?)

Disheartening, but not surprising (like so much of our world)

Strides we’ve made in the military are facing some significant threats from the top

Funny and not (also like so much of our world)

Cannot ignore the impact of history on health

Finally, a little levity