Since Last We Spoke, 6-5-17

So, you may have noticed it was pretty quiet on FHO last week. What can I say–trial weeks are sometimes like that. This week I’m signing on from Wichita, KS, where I am looking forward to a lively workshop with the SANEs in this state today. And then it’s on to Boulder, where I’ll be teaching for the Army at my alma mater (go Buffs!), with all my favorite military law nerds. Believe it or not, that will do it for travel for a month (at least work travel), since we are headed into the summer, when my kiddo is home and I take very little work on the road while she’s there. Still, I was in airports this weekend, and there was plenty of time to surf. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Have you seen it? Seems like we could use a hero right about now.


Starting tomorrow

Just in time for Pride

On a day when I needed a break from racist/islamophobic bullsh*t on the interwebs, this saved my soul

Man, this is so hauntingly beautiful


Enjoying StoryCorp’s Justice Project