Child Abuse

Demystifying the Prepubescent Medical Forensic Examination

KidsTA has a webinar coming up that’s perfect for those of you thinking about expanding your practice to pediatrics. Demystifying the Prepubescent Medical Forensic Examination will be held June 22nd at 3pm ET. From the announcement:

The Medical Forensic examination is an integral component of the child sexual abuse response and requires coordination of services among multidisciplinary team (MDT) members as they are often the gateway to the child’s access to health care and the exam. While the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women’s (OVW) National Protocol for Sexual Abuse Medical Forensic Examinations Pediatric (2016) recommends that the urgency of the examination be determined by a health care provider, nonclinical members of the MDT need to understand what the prepubescent medical forensic exam entails, and to be prepared to dispel any misconceptions or fears the child or caregiver may have about the examination. This presentation will highlight key components of the medical forensic examination, and illustrate evidenced based examples of the exam and resources available through the IAFN’s Pediatric Technical Assistance Project and the website.

You can register here.