Since Last We Spoke, 6-12-17

It was DC Pride this weekend, so I confess to lots of playtime, and very little work. Particularly because this weekend marked the beginning of my slow season, when I make the conscious choice to spend more time with my family, and less time on the road, eating sad hotel dinners alone, I ended up being pretty slothful. No courts martial for the next few months, and only a couple teaching gigs, which means more time for personal projects, like the stuff I do here at FHO. Still, last night I played catch up on social media, and there was plenty to read. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

We went to Pride Shabbat services Friday night and I was so glad our rabbi honored the memory of the victims of the Pulse shooting one year ago today. And here, honoring the survivors.

New study on tonic immobility

Colorado exploring new payment options for sexual assault exams

I love everything about this, except that it’s necessary in the 1st place

I’m pretty sure many of us had the same thought

Yet another reason I switched to Lyft

A husband for home, a wife for away 

Man, this whole situation–our worst nightmare as healthcare providers

Optimal lives are designed not discovered

A long read, but an important one: America’s Hidden HIV Epidemic