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Roxane Gay on the Daily Show

One of my favorite writers, Roxane Gay, has a new book out, Hunger (review). Last night she was the featured interview on the Daily Show, which I would encourage you to watch (the interview starts at 15:37). You can also read about the history of this book, and it’s reason for being in several media outlets:

The Atlantic

Washington Post

Village Voice

We know all too well that people react to trauma in myriad ways. Roxane Gay helps us understand one. I can’t wait to read this.

UPDATE: Roxane Gay on Fresh Air

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Eye opening and sad. But she sound strong today even though there has been so much hurt she has endured.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the share Jen. I picked up her book before our holiday, I cried, laughed and felt her strength emanating from the pages. So relatable, another hero!!!..

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