Since Last We Spoke, 8-28-17

Our thoughts here at FHO HQ (aka, my house) are with our friends and colleagues in Houston and the other affected areas. Hope everyone is safe, and big love to all of you working as (or otherwise supporting) 1st responders down there. I spent much of the weekend scrolling through updates of the storm, and making donations here and there where it felt like my dollars would help the most (including the Texas Diaper Bank, which would most certainly appreciate your donation; other ideas here and here). Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Some compelling photojournalism

It wasn’t a surprise

Don’t do these things in your meetings

Figuring out the pronouns

Worst and best places to be gay in the US

Why it’s harder for African-American women to report campus assaults

A pretty decent list of social media tips

Possible you’re being rude abroad

Loved this photo essay on military women

Feels like this was months ago–I have serious political fatigue

Ugh–related (again)

Also, did this really just happen on Friday?

Finally, Uncle Joe, speaking some truth