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Conducting Community Inventories to Support Victims of Human Trafficking

There’s been a fair amount of attention focused on human trafficking on several of the community listservs to which I subscribe, so I am trying to post more related resources. This one is geared toward the community response: Conducting Community Inventories to Support Victims of Human Trafficking. The session is being offered by the National Criminal Justice Training Center on September 7th at 2pm ET. From the site:

Explore best practices for developing an organizational network to produce sustainable community-wide services for victims of human trafficking. Bill Kearney, author of Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals and co-founder of WBK&A, Inc., will provide examples of community-wide efforts from across the country to promote collaboration between public agencies, private, and non-profit organizations. Participants will learn the necessary steps to conduct resource inventories within their communities and to engage various stakeholders in meeting common goals.

Register here.