New at the FHO Store: Injury Following Consensual Sex

I’m so excited to be able to announce that the FHO store is now live, and the 1st offering over there is the document, Injury Following Consensual Sex. Some of you may recognize a piece of it–the research grid–which used to be available as a simple pdf in the Clinical Guide. That is now no longer available, as it has been replaced by this, far fuller document, which includes complete links, updates, new resources, and some analysis that should assist clinicians heading into court. I hope you find it useful–it’s $4.99 for the download (plus tax).

Please keep in mind, this is like any other copyrighted, published document in that it should not be posted in its entirety or distributed widely. I have endeavored to keep FHO free for as long as possible, and the bulk of the content will remain free, but more resource-intensive items will go behind a paywall, and from the comments I have received over the past week, the overwhelming response has been that there are some things you believe are worth paying for. The item about which I asked, the research compilations, will not necessarily have this exact format. They will be more along the lines of annotated bibliographies and based on all but one response of the close to the hundred I received, this sounds valuable to most of you.

As always, I very much appreciate the support FHO readers have given me and this nerdy little site, as we’ve grown over the past (almost) decade. I look forward to hearing your feedback about this first document, and requests for things you’d love to see from FHO in the future. Now get back to enjoying the conference (or seeing patients, or whatever else it is you’re doing with your day 🙂 ).


3 replies on “New at the FHO Store: Injury Following Consensual Sex”

I think it is great that you will start to be paid for some of your more labor intensive work. We have all benefited greatly over the years from your efforts. There is no way I could have found all the articles you have posted that have made me laugh, scream, cry, or shake my head in wonder or disgust. Thank you for all you do to expand our minds and our practice. I appreciate you tremendously.

Thank you so much! I have also benefitted greatly from your love of research and ability to compile it in a very easy to find/understand format. Your efforts are appreciated and I have no problem paying you for this.

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