Since Last We Spoke, 10-16-17

Seriously folks–I am so thrilled about the response to our first offering in the FHO store, Injury Following Consensual Sex. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can find it here

Congratulations, Katrina L–you are the winner of the $50 Amazon give away! Please check your email for the link to your gift card. And thanks to all of you who sent emails and posted comments about the research digests.

I have to say, Toronto was a whirlwind. So great catching up with many of you. I did manage to make it to a few sessions, which is a plus. The reality is, the annual conference is an opportunity to get a lot of work done in person, so that’s predominantly what I was doing when I wasn’t teaching. I made it home Saturday night, and I’m prepping for a work trip I have on the west coast next weekend, so not much surfing for me. There were a few things, however, that caught my eye since last we spoke (and one issue, in particular, seemed to dominate what I read):

Ugh, Harvey Weinstein

Plus, men *like* Harvey Weinstein

Why is consent so confusing?

I mean, the title of this piece alone…

Also: sexual assault is not inevitable


More: why folks might not speak up

The Obama legacy

A simple definition of equity

The federal response to Maria–still a garbage fire

Finally–I am working my way through this new series. Did you know the psychologist, Wendy, is based on Dr. Ann Burgess? Just wish they had kept her a nurse 🙁 Pretty compelling show, though.

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Thank you for your continued insight and your ability to have some humor while delivering it.

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