Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Legal Protections and Forensic Considerations for Immigrant and Refugee Child Victims

I am so thrilled about the response to our first offering in the FHO store, Injury Following Consensual Sex. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can find it hereFor those of you outside the US, I have fixed the glitch that would not allow you to purchase it. Please let me know if you have further issues. 

KIDSta has a webinar coming up, Legal Protections and Forensic Considerations for Immigrant and Refugee Child Victims. The session will be held November 8th at 2pm ET. From the announcement:

Immigrant and refugee children suffer multiple traumas in their home countries, during their process of immigration and are highly vulnerable to victimization following their arrival in the United States. This webinar will discuss how migration, immigration status, culture and trauma impact the physical, brain and emotional development children who are victims of sexual assault and child abuse and the special needs of immigrant and refugee child victims. There are multiple forms of immigration relief that have been designed to offer protection for children who have been victims of domestic and/or sexual violence. Immigration relief is available both for immigrant child victims and for immigrant non-abusive parents of citizen and foreign-born child victims. A central focus of the webinar will be to provide practical tools for assisting abused children and their protective parents in accessing the legal remedies they qualify to receive under immigration, public benefits and family law. The webinar will include a discussion of the special role well-written reports from forensic examinations can play as evidence in immigration and family law cases involving abused immigrant and refugee children.

Register for the webinar here.