Child Abuse Sexual Assault

A Team Approach: Child Life’s Role in Pediatric Sexual Abuse Cases

I am so thrilled about the response to our first offering in the FHO store, Injury Following Consensual Sex. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can find it hereFor those of you outside the US, I have fixed the glitch that would not allow you to purchase it. Please let me know if you have further issues. 

SAFEta/KIDSta has a webinar coming up, A Team Approach: Child Life’s Role in Pediatric Sexual Abuse Cases. The session will be held Novermber 1st at 2pm ET. From the site:

This webinar will focus on the collaboration between Pediatric Forensic Examiners and Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS), particularly on the role of Child Life Specialists during the sexual abuse medical forensic exam. As trained medical professionals, Child Life Specialists utilize knowledge of child development, stress and coping theories, and family systems theories to promote positive outcomes during pediatric sexual abuse examinations. Working alongside Pediatric Forensic Examiners, Child Life Specialists are able to promote positive coping through rapport building, preparation, and developmentally appropriate divisional activities. During this webinar, the audience will learn about the role Child Life Specialists play while supporting staff, patients, and families during pediatric medical forensic exams. After the webinar, audiences should be able to: implement basic knowledge of child development theories during medical forensic exams, understand the role of child life, and name three successful outcomes that indicate positive coping during medical forensic exams.

Register here.