Since Last We Spoke, Forensic Nurses Week 2017

It’s Forensic Nurses Week, and I want so much to keep this celebratory, but of course, Texas is in all our minds, and that can’t be ignored. I’m home for a quick minute, but I’ll be heading to France on Wednesday, so postings will be mostly pulled from the archives. I hope everyone has a terrific week and is feeling fully appreciated. Glad to be a part of this amazing profession. Glad for all of FHO’s readers. Thanks for stopping by here on the regular.

US gun violence

Prosecuted for DV. Who could have predicted?

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Hollywood’s sexual harassment/violence problem, continued

Hard to believe last week’s terrorist attack is already fading from memory. Let’s not forget.

Not cool, Trip Advisor

Dating in the age of Tinder

Allegedly 🙁

Why we pretend to know things

Been there.

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