Sexual Assault

Neurobiology of Trauma Series

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative has an archived webinar series from last week on the neurobiology of trauma. Dr. Rebecca Campbell was the presenter, and you can register to listen to all 3 parts:

Part I:  In part one of the three-part series, The Neurobiology of Trauma, Dr. Campbell presented on how the brain and body react to major traumas, including sexual assault. This module has emphasized understanding victim behavior during an assault and the immediate aftermath.

Part II: In part two, participants were provided with information regarding how the body and brain & body react to major traumas, including sexual assault, with an emphasis on understanding memory formation and recall during an assault and in the immediate aftermath.

Part III: In the final module of The Neurobiology of Trauma series, Dr. Campbell continued the discussion on the neurobiology of trauma as related to sexual assault and how the brain and body react to major traumas. This module focused on understanding implications for cold case investigations and victim notifications.

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