Since Last We Spoke, 2-5-18

Allegedly there was some sports thing on last night, but I was flying back from the CLE after a really great weekend with kid and family. Praise be, I am home for 10 whole days, so I am writing this week (sitting in front of my fireplace for hours on end, much to the chagrin of my shaggy pup, who never wants to be far from me, but hates heat). Time in airports means time on the interwebs: here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Just. Stop.

How not to die in America

Great–new ways to sexually harass

My next door neighbor teaches at this young woman’s school–such a tragedy

Come on…really?

I will always stop what I am doing and read an interview with Auntie Maxine

Stop asking powerful women to fix bad men

A prize for avoiding sexual violence against women

If you need to kickstart your week, I found this talk to be really enjoyable:


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