Elder Abuse/Neglect

MDT Member Recruitment and Retention: Building Trust and Traction

The Elder Justice Initiative has a webinar coming up, MDT Member Recruitment and Retention: Building Trust and Traction. The session will be held February 22nd from 2-3pm ET. This isn’t a frequent topic of training, so consider attending (or listening at your leisure, since they are all archived). From the announcement:

Presented by Maro Casparian, Director of Consumer Protection at the Denver District Attorney’s Office; Linda Loflin Pettit, Manager of Community and Government Relations for the Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section for the City and County of Denver; and Sgt. T.J. Blair of the Denver Police Department, this webinar highlights real-world solutions from Denver’s Forensic Collaborative for At-Risk Adults, an elder abuse case review MDT.

Learning Objectives:
– Understanding the best practices for recruitment and ongoing engagement of team members.
– Exploring real-world examples of relationship- and trust-building strategies.
– Discovering new MDT Guide and Toolkit documents, including a recruitment letter and statement of need.

Register here.


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