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Building Partnerships

For those of you interested in engaging in research to help inform practice, whether as clinicians in the field or academic researchers looking for your next project, I encourage you to consider Building Partnerships, an upcoming webinar from the Center for Victim Research. The session will be held February 28th at 1pm ET. From the registration page:

The Center for Victim Research will present “Building Partnerships,” an interactive webinar on victim researcher and practitioner collaborations, on February 28, 2018, from noon to 1 pm EST.

*Are you a researcher looking to do “real world” research that impacts crime victim response?
*Are you a victim service provider looking to partner with a researcher to inform your work?
*Do you want to learn more about partnerships while engaging with colleagues like yourself?

This webinar is for you! Dr. Christine Murray will lead you through the benefits – and challenges – of researcher-practitioner partnerships to set you on the road toward more successful collaboration. During the hour-long webinar, there will be opportunities to share your voice and questions with colleagues and other Center for Victim Research staff.

Register here.


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