Since Last We Spoke, 3-19-18

Let’s see how this week will go, shall we? It’s started off on the crappier side, what with the immunization-induced malaise I’m currently rocking in anticipation of some overseas travel coming up in May. But I will be on the Hill tomorrow for a tick, and my kiddo is coming in for #MarchForOurLives on Friday, plus some reasonably fun work projects over the next couple days, so I have high hopes that the week gets better from here. Sasha was gone Sunday so I worked a good portion of the weekend. Still had a bit of time to surf, though. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

People with disabilities have been left out of the conversation

Abortion is safe, so says a landmark study

The lack of media coverage around this case is troubling

Woke America and Great America can learn from each other

More on the benefits of exercise

Maybe next time don’t joke about domestic violence

A revolution in pronoun norms

My favorite place to procrastinate has a great partnership with Time’s Up (and you, too, can record stories of your own)


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