Sexual Assault

Promising Strategies and Practices in Medical Forensic Compliance

(Apologies for the delayed notice on this one, but it just came across my desk)

Battered Women’s Justice Project has an upcoming webinar, Promising Strategies and Practices in Medical Forensic Compliance. The session will be held March 29th at 2pm CT. They archive their webinars, so if you can’t make it for the live session you should be able to find it online afterward. From the website:

This webinar will outline the key components of medical forensic compliance and what a compassionate and competent response to victims/survivors can look like. Challenges that many communities face with medical forensic compliance will be explored such as medical forensic exam access and quality, kit storage and testing, and statewide coordination issues. We will share what we have learned through our Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program and some promising strategies and practices in medical forensic compliance.

Caroline Palmer, Public and Legal Affairs Manager, Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Jude Foster, Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program Coordinator, Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Register here.


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