Since Last We Spoke, 6-11-18

It was a reasonable weekend for Capital Pride (weather-wise), and we had a lovely time here in our household. Our synagogue holds an annual Pride Shabbat service Friday evening to kick off the festivities, and you never know who’s going to show up to speak or deliver a reading, but it’s always inspiring and an excellent way to decompress after a long week. This year she said the blessing over the candles and did a reading about inclusion to begin the evening, which was perfection. We skipped the parade Saturday night (one of these years we’ll go, but it was threatening rain, so we didn’t chance it– instead we lived our best life by going to see Ocean’s 8 with our daughter), but made it to the festival yesterday, where we were joined by thousands of our closest, queerest friends and allies. Because it was a full weekend, I didn’t spend much time inside online, but last night over pints of Ben & Jerry’s it’s possible we surfed en famille for a bit. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Sigh. Handmaid’s Tale looking more and more like a documentary these days

Not surprisingly, stigma is hurting our response to the opioid epidemic

If you interview with me someday, I promise I will ask you #19

In the wake of last week’s high profile suicides, many good pieces were written, but my favorites include:

Thinking about survivors

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Bourdain and the power of telling the truth

Raising sons in the #MeToo era

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Oh yes, I’ve been there (and many of you have, too)

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