Trials and Social Media…

…Don’t mix. Resist the urge to post anything* about trials in which you are involved. Before, during or after. Particularly commenting on the results of trials. I love social media, and I use it all the time; there’s a lot about my life I discuss online, both personally and professionally. But not cases in which I am involved.

I mention this all the time, so many of you have heard me say this before, but periodically it needs to be repeated. One of these days I am going to write formally on this topic, but for now, please, take my word for it and just don’t comment on any aspect of a trial on your social media feeds. There is literally no upside and plenty of potential down-. And yes, I know other professions do it–I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to us, clinicians.


*I say anything because I cannot define what the bright line is between what is okay and what isn’t. I cannot tell you when something will be used in a way that will make you look unprofessional or biased. I cannot refer you to official guidance on this because there is none. All I can tell you is that there is no reason to mention this aspect of your professional life in a tweet, Facebook update or beautifully composed Instagram pic. Seriously. Let this part of your life be a bit of a mystery.


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