Since Last We Spoke, 6-25-18 (and Some News)

Yesterday, I dropped the girlchild off at Georgetown for a summer program in international diplomacy (my child’s do-gooder heart has designs on the larger world, so off she goes to work on issues of human conflict and whatnot)–this meant lots of family time this weekend and very little surfing. Let’s face it–here in the US, the news continues to be pretty bleak. Honestly, living in DC is more of a circus than it’s ever been; I don’t even need to leave my neighborhood to be reminded of it right now. Sasha and I continue to support efforts of organizations like RAICES (BTW, for those of you in the San Antonio area, they hold educational sessions every Tuesday to volunteer with their organization, if you’d like to donate time). There’s a good chance we will be at the march on Saturday with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people. Not sure what more we can do right now but put dollars behind the work being done and make sure our voices are heard.

Also, a bit of news: there will be a new item for purchase in the FHO store this week (I hope). I am crossing fingers because I must rely on outside assistance to make that happen, so my hope is that happens quickly, and you will see it posted in the next couple days. Bruising is the next topic. It will be the same price as the other ($4.99), digital download, and about the same length. Feel free to make an offering to the internet gods, we’ll see how long it takes to go live.

And with that, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Hey Winnipeg, I see you 🙂

Smart homes have become tools of digital abuse

What closing the door on the asylum process would mean for some of our patients

Flight attendants need training on sexual abuse and harassment response because the numbers are climbing

The randomness of bail

Many of you have shared this, and although I am not a Texas voter, I am so impressed with this ad (and with her story), it’s worth space here. Just because you can’t vote for her, doesn’t mean you can’t support here campaign:


Our first offering in the FHO store, Injury Following Consensual Sex is now available. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can find it here.  And coming soon–the follow-up research brief on bruising, out at the end of the month!



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Jen, thanks so much for sharing the MJ Hegar video! What a great way to portray all the barriers she has overcome (in THIS day and age, would you THINK that we would still be here?)- I am certainly not a TX voter, but I also am pleased that you added the link to provide support! Thank you!

If ever I wanted to be in Texas! I had a similar closed door experience in DC recently. Then this person realized the organization with which I’m affiliated—-needed me for information for a committee and voila! The door opened. I hope my granddaughters will not live in a closed door society! And thanks to you, Jen and people like MJ Hegar, that just might happen!

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