Child Abuse

Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Letting the Published Evidence Speak for Itself

In response to the crisis at our southern border, the American Academy of Pediatrics has opened up access to all of the articles they have published on the impact of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences:

“We hope that by opening these articles to everyone, it will become clear that placing children abruptly separated from parents in crowded detention centers is going to not just affect these children while they are kept there, but potentially will affect them for the rest of their lives.  These articles make a compelling argument that these children should be reunited with those who can love and comfort them as soon as possible.

While providing open access to every article on toxic stress we have published in Pediatrics for the past seven years may not bring an immediate end to this tragic situation, perhaps by educating all who are responsible for these immigrant children being separated and detained, the needs of children may be prioritized before the needs of politicians and in turn, this debacle will end and hopefully never occur again at any time for any child and loving family.  Enough is enough!”

You can access the full collection here.


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