Aging Bruises Based On Color: A Brief Review

I’m so pleased to announce the newest review article is now available for sale in the FHO store: Aging Bruises Based on Color. Like its predecessor, Injury Following Consensual Sex, it is a digital download, available for $4.99. When you purchase it you will be taken immediately to the download screen (it will be the same screen as your invoice), so please watch for that. You won’t be able to go back once you leave that screen.

A brief description:

This review paper will examine a specific issue related to bruising: aging or dating bruises based on color, as seen in routine clinical assessment. It is meant to assist clinicians and allied professionals with understanding the breadth of the science, but it is not a substitute for reading the articles themselves. The paper will include an overview of the physiology of bruising, review the specific challenges in assigning timeframes to bruising colors, and provide considerations for clinicians when testifying about bruising in court.

And if you’ll indulge me, a personal request: With the exception of these research briefs, which require an incredible amount of my time, everything provided at FHO over the last decade has been free. Please continue to support the work here by purchasing the brief rather than making a digital copy of someone else’s. Doing so helps defray the cost of keeping this site online and making sure FHO can continue to bring readers all over the world current science, education and news that allows for patient-centered, evidence-based forensic healthcare. Thanks for being a supporter.

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